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7 Steps to Creating a Perfect Home or Virtual Office for any Industry

February, 6th, 2018 at 11:50 am

If you work from home — or want to — you’ll quickly learn that having a functional home office space is key to actually getting work done. Maybe you’re fortunate enough to have a dedicated room in your home, but if you don’t, you can still set up a home office in a corner or niche.

A few key elements are needed to make your home office positive and productive — and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to make them happen. So get ready to clear away some clutter and set up a truly functional home office with these seven steps:

  1. Invest in the Proper Furniture.

If you work from a desk, as most people do, don’t feel bound to the type of desk you’d be forced to use in an office. A shabby chic-style home calls for an eclectic, even romantic desk, while a sleek contemporary home will be enhanced by a modern desk. Consider a standing desk if you want to make sure you stay fit working from home. In any event, make sure you have enough storage space to keep clutter out of your eye line.

  1. Invest in the Proper Equipment

A computer with all the software you need to handle your workflow is mandatory here. Many people find that setting up a second monitor boosts their productivity since they can see everything they’re working on at once and multitask efficiently.

  1. Give Yourself Something to Look At

If you possibly can, set up your desk near a window. Natural light relaxes your eyes and your mood, and you can always watch people passing by when you need to think. If a window isn’t a possibility, place some plants around you to encourage creativity, or hang a piece of art that you love in front of your desk.

  1. Prevent Distractions

If you don’t have the luxury of a private room with a door that closes, find a dedicated space in your home to set up your office. Especially if you share your home with kids or a roommate, prioritize privacy and quiet.

  1. Light Your Workspace Well

If you’ve been able to establish your desk by a window, that natural light makes a difference. If not, make sure you have good overhead lighting that illuminates your entire workspace, and then add task lighting on your desk to ease eye strain during long work sessions.

  1. Minimize Clutter

Very few things can be as distracting during your workday at home than a room filled with clutter. Pare down your office supplies and furnishings to the minimum, especially if your workspace is small. Looking for cheap storage space is a great idea for those items that you only need once or twice a year.  Perhaps you’ll need to utilize a self-storage space to manage your company’s inventory needs or just to simply minimize your general home clutter.

  1. Keep Track of Time

Yes, you have a clock on your computer, but hanging a large wall clock in your home office can make you more aware of time passing. Use it to keep track of your work hours, both so you don’t slack off and so you don’t overwork, and make sure to take regular breaks to boost your productivity.

Planning a perfect home office, no matter what your industry, takes a little ingenuity and some careful forethought as to what you’ll need. Start off by calling Kangaroo Self Storage in Loveland or Cheyenne to reduce clutter and clear a space for your home office.