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How to Organize Your Self Storage Unit for Easy Access

February, 26th, 2019 at 8:45 am


Organizing your self-storage unit is critical for making your life a little less stressful. Whether your family is growing, experiencing a major life change, or simply in need of more space for your belongings. Even outside of your home, keeping your storage unit organized will make your move simpler and faster when you know where everything is in your unit.

Renting a storage unit can be an easy option for those looking for an additional place to put their belongings and simply forget about them. This can be a mistake. When you need your items later on and you’re not organized, time is wasted and makes your life more difficult and stressful.

Buy Strong Boxes

If you plan on stacking your boxes, be sure to invest in double-walled cardboard. Heavy duty boxes help keep your items from falling out and often times can take a heavier load than their single walled counterpart. No one wants to be mid-move and have a cardboard box fail to result in your items breaking. Plastic bins are also great options since they help keep moisture and are stronger than cardboard. Colorado is a dry climate, so humidity is less of an issue, but in some other regions, you may want to consider a self-storage unit with climate control.

Organize by Room

Storing your stuff in boxes labeled by room is easy to do and will save you a ton of time when retrieving your things from your storage unit. Things you may not need on a regular basis should be stored near the back of the unit. Extra kitchen gadgets and Christmas decorations are great examples of items that need to be near the back of your unit. Organizing your unit by room also gives a blueprint to easily find small items stored in your boxes. Be sure to leave a path down the middle of your unit to make navigating a breeze.

Label, Label, Label

This tip may be the most obvious, but make sure you label your boxes to keep your sanity. Sit down and make a bullet point list of everything you own in storage. This way, you can easily access your items and have a backup to save even more time. Lists also provide an additional reference point in managing the layout of your unit. Label your boxes with a black marker in bold letters so it makes reading the contents easier.

Install Temporary Shelving

You’re only able to stack boxes so before they become too heavy and can fall like Jenga blocks. Bringing in metal shelving will save your back and shoulders from injury and allow for easy access to your things. Shelves will also make the items near the rear of your storage more accessible.

About Kangaroo Self Storage

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