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6 Student Self Storage Tips for the Fall Semester

October, 16th, 2018 at 3:54 pm


Many college students enjoy the convenience of storing their belongings before going home for the summer. But, there are many reasons for someone setting out for the fall semester to be looking at storage units for rent.

Perhaps your parents have plans for your room other than letting it gather dust for two-thirds of the year. Maybe you just don’t like the idea of your brothers or sisters having free access to your things while you’re gone. If you’re really lucky, maybe you have things lined up for after graduation and will be moving in the spring.

Regardless of the reason, Kangaroo Self Storage Cheyenne would like to offer you these 6 self-storage tips to help make sure your belongings stay secure and your life hassle-free.

Find the storage facility that’s right for you

For most students cost is usually their first concern and finding a storage unit that won’t leave you struggling for pizza money is important. It might not be the wisest way to start your search though. Security and the right amenities to protect your precious positions might be wiser area to look at. Are you going to need a climate controlled unit to protect items from heat damage? Does the facility provide 24 hour, on-site security with video surveillance? These are all things to consider before you start comparing pricing.

Be Sure to Clean Your Items

It is important that you properly prepare your items before storing them. You should make sure any appliances like refrigerators and microwaves are completely moisture free to prevent mold and mildew from growing and the same applies to any clothing or other textile items. You should never store any food or drink items and make sure any rugs or carpets are properly cleaned before being stored. It doesn’t take many food particles to become a feast for ants, roaches and mice.

Label Your Items

When you begin preparing your items for storage, do yourself a favor and label all your boxes. It can be very frustrating to later be trying to find one particular item and have to search through everything you own not knowing where it is. It also makes it much easier to organize a move and prevent damage when taking items out of storage. You won’t find yourself stacking heavy books on top of fragile figurines.

Optimize Your Space

Have you ever wondered how moving companies pack an entire house into one truck? They are experts at optimizing the available space. Soft items like blankets can be used to fill in gaps. Boxes should be neatly stacked and as little space wasted as possible. The more efficient your packing, the smaller unit you will need and more money you can save.

Select an Appropriate Lock

You can choose from a wide variety of locks to use in a storage unit. Most accept standard padlocks of moderate size. However, your items are only as secure as the lock you place on them. Choosing a quality lock is a smart way to keep your belongings safe and secure.

Don’t Forget Your Code

At most gated storage facilities you are going to need to pick a PIN or Pass Code to use entering and exiting the compound. It is important that you remember this code or you will effectively be locked away from your own possessions. Don’t make it too easy to guess, like your birthday but easy for you to recall even months down the road.

One suggestion is to use an easy to remember phrase and convert it to numbers on an old-school phone pad. ‘Little boy blue blows’ becomes ‘5222’. Another is to use If you are a big sports fan use your favorite player’s jersey numbers as your PIN. Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan become 3323.