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Why you Should Use a Storage Unit in Cheyenne During Your Deployment

November, 12th, 2018 at 6:10 pm

Cheyenne Military Storage Base Units

When you’re overseas on military deployment, it can be difficult to keep your belongings back home organized. You don’t want to keep a residence in Cheyenne just to for storage while you’re gone, as this can be a waste of your military housing allowance (BAH).

So, what are your options beyond storing various things in different places—an easy way to lose track of things while you’re overseas?

The answer? Renting a Cheyenne storage unit while you’re deployed can provide benefits to your ability to keep your stuff in one place for affordable storage and easy access when you return.

Here are the answers to a few questions you might have about storage unit options while you’re on military deployment.

Why Should You Use a Storage Unit?

A storage unit is a great way to ensure that your possessions are organized and secure while you’re overseas on military duty. Rather than keeping different possessions all over town — and running the risk of forgetting where you left certain items — a self-storage facility can keep your stuff safe and dry, and most importantly, organized in one place.

Where Can You Put Your Car During Deployment?

There are plenty of options for Cheyenne storage units that are large enough to fit your car into them, providing two distinct benefits: First, you don’t have to leave your car in the driveway of a friend or loved one, and second, your vehicle (likely one of your largest investments) can stay sheltered from the elements and secure from theft and damage.

How Can You Get the Most of Your Military Housing?

Whatever the amount of your housing allowance is, you’re almost never going to benefit from spending part of it on a residence to hold nothing but your possessions. Unless you have a loved one at home with whom you lived before your deployment, it can be a massive waste of your housing to keep the things you own in a home.

The only solution is to find the storage unit option that’s right for you. This can free up money to spend in other places, without having to pay utilities, and rent or property taxes on a property back in Cheyenne.

Can You Write Off Self-Storage On Your Taxes During Deployment?

Many people wouldn’t think to write off a storage unit during their deployment, and you may be surprised to learn that you can. Storage costs are deductible during military deployment as moving expenses, and you can file them as such on your year-end taxes to save the maximum amount of your military housing allowance.

There are a number of benefits when you use a self-storage facility in general, but for an active-duty member of the U.S. Armed Forces, these benefits can be even greater.