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5 Ways to Better Organize your Personal and Professional Life in 2018

June, 26th, 2018 at 1:56 pm

Organized Table - Kangaroo Self Storage

There are people who love to check off lists. Some obsess over using storage bins and drawers for small- to medium-sized items. They are the ultra-organized that place great emphasis on the orderly and tidy. The ones that aren’t as organized tend to look at these people as mysterious. Surprisingly, there is great validity to their habits. In a recent study, more than 80 percent of people that were polled in an survey said that being organized improved their performance at work.

Being organized also gave people the feeling of more control, increased mental energy, and a stronger work ethic. In this blog post, we dissect the best and most effective ways to get more organized at home and at work. Besides, who doesn’t want to be more productive?

Use your Walls

Walls can be a great way to increase storage space in your home. Wall storage bins keep your items off the floor while creating a more organized room. Storage bins for your walls are great for small apartments to best maximize your space. Keep in mind not to overload your storage bins to avoid having them fall off the wall. Use a stud finder to locate a wall stud to ensure your bins are secured and increase your storage load.

Keep a Basket on your Desk and Coffee Table

A small basket on your coffee table keeps your remote controls, books, magazines, and other small items in their place while reducing clutter. A basket on your desk at work also keeps small things like pencils, staplers, and office supplies from taking over your workspace. Baskets are very inexpensive and save quite a bit of space on your table or desk.

Put a Trash Can in all Rooms

Yes, this creates a bit more initial work on the front end by requiring you to empty the cans. However, having a trash can in each room gives you a place to put your trash and avoids desk and room clutter.

Consider a Storage Unit

Storage units are great for storing large items that don’t get much use on a daily basis. Extra beds for guests and family heirlooms that may not be a good fit for your current room are great items to tuck away in a storage unit until they are needed. It also frees up room in your garage for other toys that you use more regularly. Storage units are a great low-cost alternative (especially if the storage unit company is running a special) to donating valuable items and reducing in-home clutter.

Encourage Your Children to Get More Organized

A great way to help keep your house clean is to recruit your children to help clean your home. Give kids their own alarm clock and post A.M checklists that give them goals for each day. Checklists take the pressure off you and challenge your kids with problem-solving and time management tasks. Also, consider moving your cereal boxes into smaller bins and lower them to your child’s reachable height. When children can reach their own cereal boxes and snacks, they are more likely to make their own breakfasts and more, which save you time.  And of course, make sure they clean up the dishes afterwards.