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15 Essential Moving Tips for a Smooth and Simple Move

May, 1st, 2018 at 11:11 am

After careful searching, you’ve found the perfect home. Now, you just need to organize the move into it. The key to any smooth move is a well-considered plan that is carried out without any hitches. So, consider these top moving tips to getting into your new home smoothly.

Top Moving Tips for a Smooth Move

1. Pack and Label Before Moving Day – Underestimating prep time in moving is a common problem. Getting boxes taped and labeled, stationed for the move early on is a wise course.


2. Color Code Each Room – Use colored labels or tape to send each box to its proper place in your new home, reducing sorting once you’re in your new home. Color coding your boxes will save you a ton of time and headaches once you unpack.

3. Move the Basics Before Large Items – Get everything boxed, and then move the big stuff on moving day. Prepping your large items should be done a few days before the move.


4. Switch Your Utilities – Your utilities must be transferred, we recommend you submit a change of address and consider everything else that needs similar attention from the beginning.


5. Use an Overnight Bag to Keep Essential Nearby – Medications, makeup, keys, your wallet or purse, and similarly essential items should be kept at your side for sure access on the road.


6. Hire a Pet Sitter and Baby Sitter – Hiring a babysitter or pet sitter to take care of dependents helps you focus on the move, not managing kids and animals worked up by the commotion. The last thing you want is your pet to get loose during your move.


7. Tap the Pros for Packing Tricks – The folks at Huffington Post have some tips that can go a long way to shortening your packing time and the energy put into it.


8. Design a Floorplan to Place Large Items – Make a diagram of your new home and note where large furniture, the TV, or the computer will be placed. As you unpack, follow the plan and let the time saving begin.


9. Use a Dedicated Todo List and Calendar – Having your plans in one place can make a potentially hectic move become an orderly one.


10. Purge Unnecessary Items – You’ve likely gathered quite a few items that you don’t need. Do a sweep of your old place before moving to avoid bringing dead weight home.


11. Put Electronic Accessories into Baggies – Be sure to affix labels designating which device goes with a cable or stylus.


12. Pick the Ideal Moving Day – Mid-week moving allows you to navigate less congested roads, and possibly a discount from the moving company.


13. Research Potential Movers – It’s essential to use a moving company with a good reputation. Going with subpar companies yields subpar treatment of you and your goods.


14. Helping Friends to Help with the Move – Make sure that anyone who assists in the move has a specific job so everyone can work together optimally.


15. Use Self Storage to Stay Organized – Sometimes you can’t take it all at once. Self-storage can solve that situation, giving you a place to bestow your goods.


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